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We represent Pearl women’s hosp & Yash IVF, a hospital of repute in complete endometriosis care. We are often bombarded with questions & one of the common ones is, how severe is My Endometriosis and what can I do for relief?

Let’s address this concern.

Understanding endometriosis is the best starting point. As the word endometriosis relates to the uterus or womb, it is a muscular organ which is made up of 2 types of cells. Muscular cells that make the wall of the uterus, are called myometrium while other cells that are glandular make the linings of the uterus, endometrium. The uterus has many nerves & blood vessels that supply blood.

Endometrium cells have specific functions to provide the space for attachment to the embryo when the pregnancy begins. The function of these endometrium cells changes over time. During the menstruation cycle, the endometrium builds up to provide shelter & space for a fertilised embryo. If Pregnancy doesn’t happen, then these cells die & menstruation or vaginal period starts.

These endometrium cells respond to the hormones, such a well-structured womb is, an organ truly dynamic.

These endometrium cells when found elsewhere, or outside the uterus, ovaries, bladder, and pelvis too respond to the hormonal changes during periods, they tend to swell, causing inflammation & intense pain.

Delay in detection & confirmation of endometriosis is a result of mild to moderate symptoms of pain, bleeding, and cramps which are often neglected. There is no practical definitive marker to study the extent of endometriosis is available.

Pain, irregular bleedings, infertility, tiredness, bloating, fatigue, diarrhoea, and constipation are the probable symptoms of endometriosis which can have other causes too.

So, to address the concern, Is all endometriosis the same?

Endometriosis based on location can be ‘superficial endometriosis’, when there are lesions over the peritoneum & another is, ‘deep infiltrating endometriosis’ having growth infiltrates in the pelvic organs, like the bladder and rectum etc. Endometriosis has typical and atypical presentation, so their classification is of great importance and is improving day by day.

There are different degrees or levels of endometriosis, depending on, the number of organs involved and the degree of scarring and internal adhesions. This classification is of great importance to know,

The stages of spread & extent of damage it can cause

The treatment Plan for each stage & possible time & effort needed for the same.

To understand the progression of disease & impact on other systems like fertility.

The severity calls for additional external help through specialised drs/hospitals.

Involving patients to update the possible & realistic goals & complications of treatments.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine developed the grading of endometriosis. (ASRM and is based on the number of lesions & degree of infiltration/adhesions. This system of classification is not based on the severity of symptoms & is grouped into the following.

This system of classification is further refined by The Endometriosis Foundation of America ( has proposed a different classification using the anatomical location and level of infiltration.”


One important point to recollect is, that there are many challenges for the operating doctor and may be considered a super specialty surgery. Even for the diagnosis, laparoscopy surgery is required,  and the additional burden of infertility has to be addressed along with diagnostic delay to beat. To overcome, all these challenges, awareness & seeking expert help in time is essential.

One such center, which is generating excellence for ‘Endometrioses CEASE’ Treatment is Pearl Women’s hospital & Yash IVF. The centrally located @ Deccan, Pune center hosts an excellent in-clinic facility for local, interstate and foreign nationals which includes an in-house medical facility under one roof, including medicines, 24*7 expert medical help at the bedside, additional caretaker facility, pick-up & drop for the patients,

Dr.  Chaitanya Ganapule is an eminent expert Laparoscopic surgeon & has impressive credentials, to be considered, as one of the top Gynaecologists for this procedure.

A reputed Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgeon, Dr. Chaitanya Ganapule has been trained with the best centers in France and Germany. He has gained a diploma in Pelvic Endoscopy from Kiel University, Germany, and a Diploma in Gynac Endoscopy from the University of Clermont – Ferrand, France.

His learning with “The Indian Workshop of the Franco-European Multidisciplinary Endometriosis Institute in France, in 2022 is a great asset. We are proud to offer patient-specific ’Endometrioses CEASE’ solutions who wish to get rid of pain, restrictions and infertility. We promise to make your stay comfortable & memorable too.

The wholesome food & friendly patient care are hallmarks of the hospital.  We do have online consultations for patients to avail the medical excellence in time.

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