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Senior Gynecologist & Obstetrician

Dr. Meghana Argade – Best Gynaecologist in Pune

Dr. Meghana Argade, MBBS, DGO, our full time consultant in Gynecology & Obstetrics has a rich experience of over 18 years in high risk Obstetrics and Laparoscopy. She is one of the Best Gynaecologist in Pune. She has a special interest and training in natural birthing and in making the entire journey through pregnancy, delivery and after-birth – a memorable one for the couple. She brings to the table the precise planning and coordination required, working out a ‘Birth Plan’ along with the couple and enabling it. Dr. Meghana coordinates this comprehensive protocol based activity called ‘Yashaswe Antenatal Workshop’. She heads an all-women’s team at Pearl Women’s Hospital, which makes it very comforting for the would-be mother.

Dr. Meghana also has a fellowship in IVF & reproductive Medicine and rich hand-on experience in minimally invasive diagnosis through procedures like Ultrasound, Sonosalpingography & Hysteroscopy, which minimizes patient discomfort.

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Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Manjiri Kashyap

Dr. Manjari Kashyap, MBBS, MD (Anaesthesiology) a highly experienced anaesthetist, she is well trained for epidural anaesthesia administration for patients who prefer painless mode of labour delivery. Her special area of interest is high risk Obstetrical anaesthesia care.

Dr Manjiri is also adept at anaesthesia service for minimally invasive procedures and invasive anaesthesia procedures.

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Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Kshama Palwe

Dr. Kshama Palwe MBBS, MD (Anaesthesiology), is a part of our highly experienced team of lady anaesthetists who provide special services like Epidural anaesthesia during birth, for a completely safe and painless delivery experience.

With over 14 Years of experience as a consulting anaesthetist, she has extensive experience in high risk Obstetrical anaesthesia care.

Dr. Kshama is well trained for Different Laparoscopic gynecological and obstetrical procedures and highly Skilled in all Invasive procedures.

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Consultant Nutritionist

Avanti Damle

Avanti Damle is the senior member of our team of nutritionists, with over 16 years of experience. A highly regarded celebrity Sports Nutritionist and Wellness consultant herself, she has successfully enabled over 15,000 individuals in their personal quests for weight loss, sports fitness, body shaping, clinical and nutritional goals.  She has been associated as Head  Nutritionist to reputed gyms like Gold’s Gym, ABS Fitness & Endurance Gym and works with many popular film personalities and Sportspersons as a personal consultant, helping them to safely achieve their strict nutritional goals in the given time frames. She was associated with the Puneri Paltan Kabaddi team as a Nutritionist.

She holds a post-graduate diploma in Sports Nutrition, Fellowship in Sports Science, and MD in Alternative Medicine. Her qualifications and a long stint as Clinical Nutritionist at Pune’s Jehangir Hospital have given her the clinical depth required to successfully undertake dietary assessments for patients ailing from PCOD, Infertility, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.

She is a regular invitee for talk shows on ABP MAZA, ZEE 24 & Radio City and seminars conducted by reputed institutes like Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, Suryadatta College of Hotel Management, and many city corporates. In association with NGOs like Pathway and Umed, she has been instrumental in developing and implementing national nutritional guidelines for slum dwellers.

Her articles are frequently seen in popular city dailies like Sakal, TOI & DNA.

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Apurva Kangude

Apurva Kangude is a fulltime physiotherapist at Pearl Women’s Hospital and Yash IVF. She is also a  certified ante natal and post natal therapist with a special interest in Women’s health. She has  worked extensively with pregnant women to enable them to have happy, healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries and guides all the mummas to-be to stay away from the “PREGNANCY PAUSE”.

She is an important member of the hospital’s ANC program and the ‘Yashaswe ante-natal workshop’, which takes a holistic approach towards pregnancy, working on improving the would-be mothers’ physical conditioning for a delivery that is minimally uncomfortable.

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Lifestyle & Behaviour Modification Counselor

Kavita Dhupkar

Kavita Dhupkar has over 15 years of experience in counselling of couples regarding lifestyle modifications and stress management. Kavita is an integral part of the team for managing stress issues faced by women during different phases in their lives and during infertility treatment. Her deep understanding of the underlying issues, be they physiological, emotional or social, enable her to better design the lifestyle modifications and counselling sessions that are required for the wellbeing of the patient.

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Consultant Dietician

Vaishnavi Jalihal

Vaishnavi Jalihal is a Consultant Dietician at Pearl Women’s Hospital & Yash IVF.  Having completed her MSc. in Nutrition and Dietetics in India, she pursued her education abroad and achieved her Masters in Nutrition and Public Health Management in UK. She specializes in working with patients especially in the field of Women’s health and Infertility.

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