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The biggest challenge in infertility treatment is choosing the infertility center that is the  best one for you.

As choosing the best infertility clinic and starting the journey of parenthood is the most overwhelming decision. The entire success of this path depends on this.

With recent advancements in digital media, there is lot of information as well as misinformation available.

The journey of parenthood may be, a long one but more than speed, the direction is more important. There are so many options available that claim to help to realize the dream of parenthood. The daunting task becomes even tougher, as all the centers/multicentre clinics, and corporate hospitals claim the same and at first glance, all fertility clinics appear to be the same.

To make this task bit easier, we have laid down a few points which will help you to choose the best fertility clinic.

Here are a few characteristics that make fertility clinics stand out. These points are written, keeping in mind the usefulness & all are equally important.

Does the fertility centre/clinic or hospital offer most of the needed services under one roof?

  1. In-house facility for all necessary lab investigations
  2. Radiology services for sonography, ovulation monitoring & sonosalpingography (SSG).
  3. Additional facilities  to manage surgical procedures for PCOS, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, etc.
  4. Qualified & highly experienced consultants & staff to ensure the level of expertise required in IVF treatment which will ensure high success rates
  5. In-house embryologist : This enables the IVF Lab to transfer the embryos at the optimum stage of their life rather than during a batch process which is carried out based on the availability of the Embryologist
  6. Updated infrastructure to carry out super-speciality surgeries like Hysteroscopy & Lapaoscopy for diagnosis and treatment before or during the IVF journey
  7. In-house facility for cryopreservation which will ensure the proper maintenance of the frozen embryos

7 In-house support team of experienced Physiotherapist, Dietician, Psychological counsellor, fertility counsellors etc

8 Affiliations & certifications like ‘Manyata’ and NABH, which indicate that the center follows standardized protocols and has a certified patient care facility

Does the fertility clinic follow reliable & transparent practices right from communication to finance?

The journey of infertility could be long and difficult. While enrolling the patients, most clinics create a rosy picture which the patient wants to believe. Universal success rates of pregnancy are around 30-40%, which simply means, that out of 10 patients enrolled, a max of 4 couples can have a pregnancy and the rest need to go for the next round of cycles.

The universal success rate of IVF treatment is around 40% & varies with the age. Certain additional processes are required that can raise the success rate to about Seventy Percent as we do at Yash IVF, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune.

To know, the same, you need to visit the fertility centre with a prior appointment, talk to the concerned teams & get first-hand information about the above points.

The first interaction with the team will bring in much-needed transparency & you will be able to take the well-informed calls.

There are many other parameters to zero down on finalizing the fertility clinic to start infertility treatments.

We are proud to say, Pearl women’s Hospital & Yash IVF, Pune is centrally located at Deccan and easily accessible by road from the railway station and bus depots.

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