Cost of IVF in Pune

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We, at pearl Women’s hospital & IVF, are often greeted with a query about IVF treatment cost. We strongly believe that IVF treatment is not a solution if it is not affordable.

It is very important to look at Cost of IVF Treatment from 2 different perspectives.

Cost of a single IVF treatment cycle

Cost of achieving a successful pregnancy leading to a live and healthy birth


It needs to be emphasized that IVF treatment may require more from 1 to 3 or more treatment cycles to achieve a pregnancy. Success rates range from 30% to 70% depending upon the processes followed and class of medicines used. The more comprehensive the process and the more sophisticated the medicines used, the higher will be the cost per cycle. However, a high quality IVF treatment cycle is likely to yield positive results in a lesser number of treatment cycles, and save time, personal stress, and discomfort.

To explain with the help of an example, let us look at the following scenarios:

Patient A undergoes a low-cost IVF cycle costing 1.25 lacs but requires 3 such cycles to achieve pregnancy. Her cost to pregnancy is 3.75 lac and not 1.25 lac.

On the other hand, patient B with a similar problem of infertility underwent an IVF cycle costing around 2.25 lac and achieved success in the first cycle itself. In this case, the cost of achieving pregnancy is lesser than in the first case, although the cycle by itself was more expensive.

Crucially, the time taken is reduced and the patient’s experience will be a much happier one.

In the case of patient C – the first cycle was 2.25 lac but she required an additional transfer cycle to achieve success. The total cost – was 2.75 lac. The cost of pregnancy is higher than in case 2 but still lesser than in case 1 where the cycle cost was much cheaper.

The reason we have given these 3 samples is that a majority of the patients are not aware of the success rates and their implications. Economy cycles are acceptable in cases where the patients are young, ovarian function and uterine status are normal, and sperm quality is good.

What should the patient do?  Go for a low-cost, low success rate cycle or a more expensive approach with a higher success rate?

At Pearl Women’s Hospital & Yash IVF, we do comprehensive clinical and financial counselling for all patients. Patients are given a clear-cut understanding of the pros and cons of the different options, the success rates and likely time to pregnancy and the cost of pregnancy.

Patients are explained a safer option wherein they can undergo a cycle that allows them to freeze additional embryos. If the first cycle fails, these additional frozen embryos can be thawed and transferred at a low additional cost without having to repeat the entire treatment process from scratch. This saves cost, time & discomfort.

This process of transferring a pair of frozen embryos into the woman’s uterus is called ‘Frozen Embryo Transfer’, which enables you to undergo IVF treatment at a reasonable cost while ensuring a higher success rate.

What compromises should patients be aware of?

In the effort to reduce costs or show lower costs, many centers offer package deals with stimulation medicines included. This follows a philosophy that every patient will respond equally well to a fixed dosage and class of stimulation medicines.

At Pearl Women’s Hospital & Yash IVF, we follow the philosophy of customizing the dosage of these medicines to ensure optimum response and to prevent over medication as well.

This philosophy has yielded very good results at a reasonable cost. For patients, this means ‘reduced time to pregnancy’ and ‘reduced cost to pregnancy’.

How Do We Achieve Low Costs Of IVF Treatment at Pearl Women’s Hospital & Yash IVF?

We customize treatment strategy based on factors like age, quality of the ovarian reserve and sperm, Uterine status and other health factors.

For young patients with good ovarian function & sperm quality, we recommend a fresh transfer cycle with the additional option of freezing the additional embryos. This enables additional cycles at a minimal incremental cost.

For older patients with impaired fertility issues, we recommend frozen embryo cycles and in those whose ovarian function is poor, we recommend Donor cycles.

For the patient, we ensure that every cost factor is properly explained and implications highlighted.

Patients are explained that we can offer EMI options for those who need support in raising their finances.

We have a transparent policy of cost for every couple seeking  IVF treatment.

To know, more about the cost of IVF treatment, do visit us.

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