Endometriosis- Avoid the Cost of Late Detection

September 29, 2022 by admin

The issue with Endometriosis isn’t just the pain and disruption of lifestyle, but the fact that diagnosis may take anything upto 7 years, with a surgical procedure being  required for a definitive diagnosis.  The gold standard confirmatory  test for endometriosis is Laparoscopy. The condition, as such, is not curable but specially trained experts like Dr Chaitanya Ganapule offer state-of-the-art treatment options including 3 D Laparoscopic surgery at Pearl Women’s Hospital, Pune.


10 % of menstruating women suffer silently due to endometriosis. During the normal menstruation process, the cells of the uterus lining called endometrium build up & if there is no pregnancy, the cells shade up causing menstrual flow. Women with Endometriosis, too, develop such cells, which not only look, and act like endometrium outside the uterus but also in the other reproductive tissues. Such cells respond to the hormonal changes, so there is build-up & shedding of cells, causing small bleeding in the pelvis. This causes inflammation and scarring of endometrium tissues. The result is painful, heavy, long periods, and cramps.

The exact reason for this pain may be due to chemicals released during the process, hormonal changes etc.

Suffering in silence not only delays the diagnosis but complicates the treatment further. Medical management may have to be replaced by high end surgical treatment.


So, when you feel, or realize that your menses or periods are far more painful and heavy compared to your friends and cousins, do visit a specialist who has extensive & practical knowledge of female reproductive issues & is capable of fixing the issue well in time.


Dr Chaitanya Ganapule MD has taken training from a specialized Endometriosis surgery institute in France for surgical management of Endometriosis using 3 D Laparoscopy systems.


When you go to seek answers from the specialist It is important to jot down the questions, you need to seek answers for:


What causes the pain in the abdomen in Endometriosis?

Why it is so intense & not seem to be routine periods pain?

What are the treatment options available for the pain and for the disease itself?

Will it relieve the symptoms or condition itself?

What are the side effects of treatments?

What, if my symptoms don’t go away?

What lifestyle changes, do I have to make?

What will happen, if I don’t go ahead with treatment?

Will my fertility be affected? If yes, then what are the options?

Will my previous surgery is causing this pain?

Do I need to have multiple surgeries or chances of relapse of surgery?


Your doctor too will have a few queries, so make note of it.


  1. What are the symptoms & how often do they appear?
  2. When do they get worse or better?
  3. Do any close relatives have such problems,
  4. History of  Endometriosis in the family?
  5. What are the medicines you take currently?


Always keep a track of your symptoms.

Like Painful periods, Severe Cramps, Pain during sex & urination, Heavy bleeding, Nausea & vomiting during a period, headaches, constipation, Trouble getting pregnant, sleep patterns etc.


What is the importance of maintaining these symptoms?

You will never miss out on any symptom (relevant or irrelevant)

You will rightly inform the intensity with which it happens.

You will not downplay any symptoms that hurt you so much.


Diagnostic delay of 3 to 12 yrs in endometriosis,

  1. Primarily a patient’s delay in reluctance in seeking the medical help
  2. Preparedness of GPs to interpret the symptoms
  3. Expert’s dilemma for differential diagnosis.
  4. Diagnostic laparoscopic surgery for confirmation


Informed diagnosis has many challenges.

  1. Whether confirmed or suspected diagnosis of Endometriosis is often the 1sttime patients hear the word endometriosis.
  2. Distress is the 1stresponse along with confusing outdated content available all over.
  3. Wrong or misleading info can delay the proper treatment, and can be very expensive as well as dangerous too.
  4. Frequent visits to the clinic are necessary to access the extent of endometriosis.


Where to seek expert help for endometriosis @ PUNE?


We @Pearl Women’s Hospital & Yash IVF have excellence in endometriosis treatment and is situated at the central location of Deccan, Pune.

Dr Chaitanya Ganapule is an expert in Laparoscopic surgical removal of such tissues or fibroids or Polyps, is his forte and he is considered one of the top Gynaecologists for this procedure.

A reputed Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgeon, Dr Chaitanya Ganapule has been trained at some of the best centres in France and Germany. He has a diploma in Pelvic Endoscopy from Kiel University, Germany, and A Diploma in Gynec Endoscopy from the University of Clermont – Ferrand, France.  He has recently attended & completed the “Indian Workshop of the Franco-European Multidisciplinary Endometriosis Institut in France, in 2022. We are happy to offer our special ’EndometrioCEASE’ solutions to patients who wish to get rid of pain, restrictions and infertility.


  1. There is no cure for endometriosis but specialized treatment can control the manifestations of the ailment.
  2. Symptom management is the key focus.
  3. Hormonal contraceptives, analgesics or pain killers and surgery are the options.
  4. Women with Endometriosis are everywhere in Emergency wards, Primary care, Psychiatric help centres, schools & colleges with various health issues.
  5. Endometriosis develops in stages, involving other organs with severity.
  6. About 50% patients of with endometriosis suffer from fertility issues.
  7. Hormones do not improve fertility, but IVF is often successful.
  8. Warning signs demand PROMPT ATTENTION.
  9. If pelvic pain, and period pain doesn’t stop with painkillers, see the expert on priority.

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