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Every query about the endometriosis cure brings the spotlight on the concerns. Endometriosis in the true sense has united the various age group, races, and professions alike. This condition affects life, generates anxiety, and disturbs work-life balance for the sufferer as well as near and dear ones.

Endometriosis feeds on estrogen, so endometriosis starts as early as the 1st period, lasting beyond menopause in severe cases, in about 30% of the cases. As per the latest reports, 1 in 10 women suffers silently from endometriosis. The average age of endometriosis diagnosis is around 28 yrs, risk increases beyond 30 and peaks around 40 yrs. That’s why endometriosis is mainly a reproductive health concern.

It is estimated about 25 million women are suffering from endometriosis. Women with mothers & sisters having endometriosis are 5-6 times more likely to develop endometriosis as compared to others. The unbearable Pelvic pain, irregular menses & infertility are the symptoms but, often go unnoticed.

When the Warning signal becomes a red alert, the search for the cure starts. In most cases, the diagnosis of endometriosis takes 2 to 10 years & is the main reason for infertility. Health complications of endometriosis are immense and affect the body, mind & soul.

Pregnant women are often at increased risk of premature birth and miscarriages. The real threat is, the time endometriosis takes for detection & confirmation. This delay further affects the anatomy of the internal reproductive organs & the treatments are often complicated. Endometriosis diagnosis is often done with ultrasound, transvaginal scans or laparoscopy.

As endometriosis is an inflammatory condition involving the uterus lining, and pelvis which affects the surrounding areas too. As these cells are supplied with neurons, pain is often felt which is intense. These cells are outside the uterus lining and respond to hormonal changes during menstruation. So there is internal bleeding too.

Diagnosis of endometriosis itself is a challenge, so it is said, one who knows endometriosis, knows gynaecology. The reason why the cells stick outside the uterus wall & form linings is not known. The inflammation caused by such hormonal changes is a real concern. The inflammation has dead cells and toxic substances which make the internal environment of the abdomen toxic.

Removal of such cells which are grown outside the uterus is the most viable option but recurrences of such cells call for further surgeries which affect the structure & functions of ovaries. No wonder, it is a super speciality surgery to selectively remove these cells without damaging the structure of the uterus & other organs.

So, where is the cure for endometriosis?  Let’s get the fact right, there is no cure for endometriosis but symptoms can be controlled with surgery & medications.

There are treatment options available for Pelvic pain & Infertility. Depending on Age, the severity of symptoms, degree of endometriosis (how deep the penetration of endometrium cell in the organ) and medical history of the disease, consulting a Gynaecologist will take the well-informed call.

The challenge of fertility preservation & pregnancy in case of severe endometriosis is tough to handle, and there are chances of endometriosis occurring again after a few years.

Can endometriosis be cured only with surgery?

There is no cure for endometriosis, & often laparoscopy surgery is the gold standard treatment in the first place. The removal of endometrium cells outside the uterus can offer guaranteed relief and control over Pelvic pain. The surgery needs to be repeated if endometriosis occurs again.

Laparoscopy is the gold standard therapy. The surgeon uses an instrument to inflate the abdomen with harmless gas and then inserts a laparoscope, into the abdomen through a small cut to see the growths.

The surgeon makes at least a few more small cuts in the abdomen and inserts lasers to,

Remove the lesions/scar, which is called excising procedure.

Destroy the lesions with heat and seal the blood vessels without stitches, by cauterizing or vaporizing process.

The goal is to treat the endometriosis without damaging the healthy surrounding tissues

To avoid or prolong the growth of endometrium cells outside the uterus after surgery, birth control pills & hormone therapy is often advised. The duration and dosage of such medicines are the expert gynaecologists’ forte, it requires constant monitoring of the ovary health.

Hormone therapy is used to treat endometriosis-associated pain. Hormones can be given as pills, a shot or injection, or a nasal spray. These medications stop the ovaries from producing hormones, especially estrogen. This will prevent the development of endometrium tissues or scars, but it will not stop the current lesion or growth of endometrium cells.

Here are a few ways to control symptoms of endometriosis & reduce the intensity of symptoms.

  1. Pain killer medication: There are several medications available to help relieve the symptoms of endometriosis. Some people may find relief by taking over-the-counter painkillers or prescription drugs. It is to be noted, that all these medicines should be taken under the guidance of a gynaecologist. These pain killers often cause acidity & sometimes cause major complications like bleeding.
  2. Eating right for endometriosis diet:  Diet can help relieve the symptoms of endometriosis. For example, eating a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables can help improve health and may reduce the symptoms of endometriosis. Grapes, Apples, Strawberries, peaches, and Oranges offer good pain relief.
  3. Food to avoid: High fats processed foods, caffeine, and Soy products, as they contain estrogen. Red meat too contains estrogen, so it is better to avoid
  4. Rest, Relax & Mediate, take warm baths, and use of heating Pads.
  5. Exercise: Exercise is internal cleaning and helps in reducing the pain intensity & increasing tolerance

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