Fertility Center in Pune


Pearl Women’s Hospital created a new service called ‘Yash IVF’ to meet the continually increasing demand for infertility cases. With two locations in Pune and one in Satara, it has become a well-known and self-sufficient reputation in infertility care during the previous ten years. Yash IVF has become a referral centre for difficult medical issues such as male and female infertility in the elderly, high-risk IVF pregnancies, and recurrent pregnancy loss. Pearl Women’s Hospital is one of the advanced Fertility Center in Pune.

Treatments for female and male infertility with a success rate of over 70% and over 5000 success tales. We treat infertility caused by problems such as:

  • Fallopian tubes that are blocked
  • Premature ovarian failure/low ovarian function
  • Infertility caused by old age
  • After a normal first conception, inability to conceive again
  • Infertility caused by PCOS, Endometriosis, or Diabetes
  • Unexplained Absent Sperm Infertility
  • Motility problems or a low sperm count
  • Sperm that is abnormal

Test tube baby center in Pune

Treatment options for infertility include:

  • IUI, IVF, and ICSI cycles with self or donor cycles are available.
  • Donor cycles or self-surrogacy

Adoption of the Protocol:

  • Stimulation technique that is customized to the individual
  • Embryo Transfers on Day 5 (Blastocyst stage transfers)
  • Transfer of Frozen Embryos (FET)
  • If specified, laser hatching
  • For male infertility, TESA / PESA is used.
  • Sperm Sorter for Semen of Sub-Optimal Quality

Diagnostics in-house:

  • Sonology
  • Hysteroscopy with sono salpingogarphy (SSG)
  • Laparo-hysteroscopy
  • ERA

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