We have made the admission procedure as simple as possible at Pearl Women’s Hospital & Yash IVF. On your file, our Front Office staff / Reception create a unique Hospital ID (UHID) that only represents you.

Following the consultant’s suggestion to be admitted, our Billing staff will advise the patient about the many documents, consents to be completed, and room types and tariffs.

The Medical Officer and Nursing team will finish your initial medical examination in 15 minutes.

After Admission

When the patient is admitted, our On-Call Consultant will look after her according to the admitting consultant’s instructions.

Patient Discharge Process

The Medical Officer will discuss your post-hospitalization care needs, projected discharge date, and follow-up care schedule during your hospital stay.

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General Policies

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All patients and their visitors must collaborate in order for the staff to maintain the needed level of cleanliness in order for the surroundings to stay fresh, healthy, and free of infection.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke, spit, or otherwise ruin the facility’s cleanliness and tidiness in any way.

Patients and visitors are asked to keep an eye on their personal belongings. The hospital’s staff and administration accept no liability or responsibility for the loss or theft of patients’ or attendants’ personal belongings.

Guests will have access to hygienic and safe filtered drinking water.

We’ve put up ‘Suggestion’ boxes, and we’d want to hear from you if you have any complaints, recommendations, or ideas for improvement. They are always welcome since they allow us to develop and elevate our patient care standards.

Guest Visit Schedule

Guests are an essential part of the recovery process and are welcomed since they can help people recover while also reducing their anxiety and stress levels. Visitors, on the other hand, should respect the hospital’s regulations and visiting hours. Please do not bring your children. It is more secure for them. If it is not possible to prevent it, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

In the context of the present Covid-19 scenario, we advise that only those who are absolutely required visit the patient while they are in the hospital.

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