PCOS: Don’t Lose Sleep Over Hair Loss.

June 6, 2022 by admin

Pearl women’s hospital & Yash IVF is the Best IVF hospital of repute and witnessed Increased footfall of PCOD patients at our hospital, as well as awareness workshops for screening at remote places, have prompted us to go much deeper. The untreated PCOS can further get established as age progresses.

More clarity about PCOS is attained with increased number of cases and so is better understanding about topic.

There are many symptoms related to PCOS, one of them is rampant hair loss. The symptoms may be different and as diverse, one of them is, hair loss which is, more obvious and upsetting symptom.

To address the concern of PCOD induced hair loss, we have gathered the Pearl of knowledge from reputed sources & own experiences. PCOS is a hormonal disorder that causes irregular periods, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.  Some of the more noticeable symptoms of PCOS are related to hair.

Some people with PCOS have unwanted growth on their face or back of the body. Others may also develop hair loss and hair thinning on their scalps. Unwanted growth of hair and hair fall is felt simultaneously by many patients.

Let’s try to know about the followings.

Why is hair loss associated with PCOS?

If you notice hair fall after oiling, shampooing or tangles of hair on your comb, which is different than normal or you had seen before, it is a sign of hair loss. Such Hair loss can be due to varieties of reasons and, if treated in time, hair fall can be stopped. One possible culprit is PCOS related hair loss. Let’s address these concerns one by one.

How does PCOS cause hair loss?

Hair fall due to PCOS happens because of the increased male hormone, testosterone. It leads to increased hair growth on the face, abdomen, chest, and neck but leads to thinning hair. This thinning of hair is due to testosterone which ultimately leads to hair fall due to PCOS. The pattern and distribution of hair fall are even more important in the assessment of PCOD induced hair fall.

One important thing to notice here is unlike males, hair follicles of females survive for a long time.

Loss of an average, of 100-150 hair follicles is a daily scenario. It should be noted that it may take at least 20-25% of a total loss of scalp hair before it may be visibly recognized by the woman.

Lack of ovulation means less amount of progesterone which would normally bind to those same sites, which hair loss from happening in the first place.

What is female pattern hair loss?

The affected hair becomes thin, shorter in length, and lighter in colour until it falls due to breakage. This is also referred to as female-pattern hair loss or FPHL. It is truly a matter of concern that affect personality & self-esteem. A hormonal imbalance causes PCOS, so to restore hormonal balance, hormonal treatments may help. You may need to try a few medications for a while before you see results.

Seek medical help to control PCOS.

Hair treatments like medicated foam, lotions, and gels under Dr’s guidance is of great importance.

Natural treatments for PCOS hair loss

There are home remedies that can reduce androgen and can help in controlling PCOS.

Use a soft and wide-toothed comb to comb your hair as it reduces friction.

Physical workout can reduce male hormone production which ultimately results in controlling hair fall due to PCOS.

Improve your food habits. Eating healthy and fresh can help you treat PCOS faster by reducing your weight.

Natural hair masks made at home make hair smooth and shiny and offer strength and a lot of nutrition.

Diet: what you eat is often reflected in the health of your hair.A  high-fiber diet helps in stabilising sugar levels.

Manage a BMI within limit: Research has proved that weight loss is associated with reduced androgen levels.

Biotin and zinc supplements stop the Hair loss

Avoid pulling out hair and tight hair-dos. This will only aggravate hair loss.

Warm Oil massages with coconut oil increase blood circulation and provide nutrition to the hair follicles

Stop colouring the hair which will further damage the hair follicles. Avoid overheating, and blow from distance.

Even if your BMI is within normal limits, limit those Junk foods. Avoid sugary foods. All of this will cause Insulin resistance and eventually increased Androgens

Moderate Exercise at least 30 min every day for 5 days a week will correct the hormonal imbalances.

We at pearl women’s Hospital & Yash IVF have excellence in treating such cases and managing the progression of PCOD over other health concerns. Pearl Women’s hospital and Yash IVF have a holistic approach that offers umbrella services of Dietician, Physiotherapy, stress management coach, and lifestyle counsellors offline as well as online.

Pearl Women’s hospital and Yash IVF is the center of excellence in women’s health issues & is located centrally at Deccan, Pune. The vision of Dr Chaitanya Ganapule & his team has created a roadmap of affordable treatments which are transparent and clear. We are dedicated to winning the patient’s trust every time without compromising the guiding principles.

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