Professional help can help you achieve unfulfilled dreams of parenthood

July 23, 2022 by admin

The journey of parenthood is always a cherished event for the couple. Women gracefully want to carry the pregnancy. Infertility is never thought of until you are trying hard to carry the pregnancy and there is no success. There are many reasons which are accountable for difficulty in getting pregnant or carrying the pregnancy to term.

One of the most prominent reason, why infertility is often not diagnosed or remains undiagnosed for a longer duration is that there are no specific symptoms of infertility. It is in contrast to the symptoms of many diseases which have definite symptoms.

Often couples think of starting a family while considering many aspects like financial, emotional and social well-being. Every word about years of marriage becomes a talking point in the family. Then the delay in such a natural process as pregnancy becomes a hindrance and the only question often asked is, why the same simple event is not so simple for me? Is there an issue with our fertility? If you are under 35 years and trying for a baby for over a year then it is time to seek professional help without further delay. This decision making itself will involve addressing a few critical concerns.

Let’s address some of the concerns one by one.    

  1. is infertility an issue?
  2. Warning signs of infertility
  3. Is infertility an issue?

Infertility is a medical problem that can either be resolved or despite it you can still have a baby.  Ongoing Medical research in infertility management & new treatment options have made it possible that those facing a problem in becoming parents will be able to fulfill their dreams, sooner or later.

Infertility, by definition, is an inability to have pregnancy (during reproductive age) after an active sex life without the use of contraception methods, for a minimum of 12 months.

As it is obvious, there are some medical concerns like the production & maturation of eggs as well as sperm production & quality, and difficulty in the fusion of egg with sperm.

Medical science has advanced to the extent of analyzing the reproductive organ of males & females, the link between history, and the reasons for the not-so-normal pregnancies. Today, simple medical tests have been developed that point out the reasons as well.

Infertility is not an issue but the silence over this medical problem definitely is. How to deal with infertility then? Read up on the net, consult with genuine experts and get an assessmentof the fertility score done, for both the partners.

There is a difference between a visit to an Infertility expert and a routine visit to your Gynecologist. Infertility is a very complex issue and it requires a team of  trained experts to resolve your problems reliably, affordably and with the desired results. At a professional nd reputed Infertility management center this team typically will involve the Infertility expert, Embryologists, an Andrologist, an Infertility Counselor, a financial counselor and the Lab technician and nursing staff.

The infertility counsellors  role  is to educate the couple and, often, the entire family, about the infertility management journey that the couple is likely to experience. This journey may take them through a few of IUI cycles followed by a few cycles of IVF. The couple, especially the woman, has to be prepared to deal with failure and to focus on success. There will be counseling for keeping the faith and patience and overcomingthe emotional and financial turmoil. That’s the reason, fertility experts work as a team, which comprises counsellors, nutritionists, embryologists, physiotherapists, and nurses. Teamwork has a definitive advantage in making the couple’s journey more stress-free and comfortable.

There are some early warning signs that may indicate subsequent difficulty in getting pregnant.  Let us familiarize ourselves with these signs.

  1. Period /menses abnormality: by observing your pattern & flow of the periods.

If you have a heavier, lighter period than the normal one, or if there is the absence of period/periods as per your due dates, it’s time to see the doctor. This can be a warning sign of hormonal imbalance.

  1. Painful periods: Exceptional intense pain during or before periods which don’t stop after taking pain killers, is a sign of many more underlying causes including cysts. It will not cause infertility but the underlying cause can be a matter of concern.
  2. Sudden weight gain, hair loss, consistent fatigue, a severe flare of acne, and facial hair growth are the symptoms of hormonal imbalances.
  3. Fever and itching which are indicative of bacterial infections or sexually transmitted diseases start from the uterus and reach up to the reproductive area, which may pose a problem for pregnancy.
  4. Like in females, in males too, obesity, as well as anorexia, can be the cause of infertility, by creating obstacles like  erectile dysfunction, (inability to sustain an erection during sexual activities), low sex desire, Pain during sex, pain & swelling or lumps in testicles. Even though not getting pregnant  despite being sexually active remains the 1stand most valid sign of infertility, these above signs are the warning signs which can’t be neglected & delayed at any cost. The signs are the signals of something deeper. Maybe more serious concerns are below the surface.

We have seen & witnessed, even in the past, Silence over health concerns cost a lot. Women’s health concern should be a family priority too.

Who knows, delayed diagnosis can be parenthood denied too. When the warning signs are evident, treat this as a body crying for help. Keeping Silence over these issues is not a solution. Do talk to the experts and get the right advice. Words of sympathy can’t replace the importance of medical advice.

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