The Best Gynecologist In Pune If You Are Facing Difficulty In Conceiving

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Dr. Chaitanya Ganapule MD considered the best Gynecologist in Pune, has designed a simple health check-up for couples who are unable to achieve pregnancy and complete their families as per their desired schedule. They wish to be free to subsequently take on other career responsibilities or simply have more time in life to enjoy with their children.

According to Dr. Chaitanya Ganapule, if you take a consensus of the top 10 Gynecologists in Pune they will tell you that in almost 80% of the cases there are underlying undetected or uncontrolled conditions that may be preventing conception or progression of pregnancy. A few easy to take blood tests can give a wealth of information whether any such condition or ailment is putting obstacles in your path to pregnancy. The following is a simple, affordable health screening package that can help such couples not only conceive during their desired life stage but also have a successful, safe pregnancy with a healthy baby. Needless to say, it should be interpreted by an IVF expert well versed with the impact of these conditions on your fertility.

This easy-to-take health check-up can help identify most of these common issues, ailments or conditions that may either prevent pregnancy, not allow it to go full term, or lead to life-threatening conditions for both the mother and the baby. 

If some issue is diagnosed, further investigations may be warranted, the results of which will enable your Physician to get these conditions cured or under control so that you can achieve your desire of a safe and timely pregnancy with a healthy baby.

Among the 3 most common conditions or ailments seen in both men and women that are a hurdle to conception are Anemia, Diabetes, and Thyroid abnormalities. Not only will these ailments interfere with conception but in women, they can lead to life-threatening situations if not kept under control.

A simple non-invasive blood test or Haemogram, which is the cheapest,  gives a wealth of information. It can rule out or confirm anaemia along with its severity. A Haemogram can also indicate the presence of an infection or blood disorders that need immediate and specialized attention.

India is the Diabetes capital of the world and even a random Blood Sugar Test is enough to screen for this ailment. In women, if undiagnosed, there is a chance that some of the potential complications of diabetes, like eye disease and kidney disease, may develop or worsen during pregnancy. In men Diabetes directly affects fertility. The  DNA of the sperm gets impaired as a result of the oxidative stress caused due to high glucose levels. 

Thyroid testing: The thyroid makes hormones that help your body function healthily. If it makes too little or too much of these hormones, you may have problems during pregnancy. Untreated thyroid conditions in women during pregnancy are linked to serious problems, including premature birth, miscarriage, and stillbirth. 

In men, low thyroid hormone levels can lower the quality of semen, decrease the sperm count, and lead to erectile dysfunction and a drop in libido.

In conclusion, this simple, easy to take and affordable health check screens for any morbid conditions well in advance & enables tackling the complications if any.

Finally, we check the Ovarian function in women and the Sperm count & quality in men.  Are these 2 basic pillars of conception sufficient enough and good enough to facilitate natural conception within a year, in couples under 35 years of age, and within 6 months, in couples over 35 years of age? Is the quality sufficient to ensure an event-free, safe pregnancy, and a healthy baby? After all, what do all parents look forward to –

  1. Healthy children who can lead a happy zestful life
  2. A safe uneventful pregnancy
  3. A conception when the time is right as per their desire

With these basic requirements in mind we check the AMH level in the blood, in women –  Low levels indicate a lowered Ovarian function meaning deterioration in both the quantity and quality of the eggs in the ovaries.  Needless to say, we have the expertise to overcome abnormal AMH conditions in women by using appropriate treatment strategies.

In men, a simple Semen analysis indicates whether there is a sufficient volume, concentration, motility, and overall quality of the sperm to ensure pregnancy. Again, technologies are now available that can ensure pregnancy even in the apparent absence of sperm in the semen.

A consultation with an expert during which your BMI and BP are also assessed is desirable. As we all are aware, high BP is becoming common even in youngsters because of aggressive lifestyles, work, and peer pressures. During pregnancy, this can also result in high-risk conditions for the mother and the baby. If diagnosed prior to conception it can first be brought under control to ensure a safe pregnancy with continuous assessment and competent management. 

In men the BMI is critical. Both overweight, as well as underweight men with BMI above or below 25 kg/sqm, can face a decrease in the sperm count, quality, and motility.  The volume of ejaculate also decreases as BMI increases.

Few other recommended tests – All women who are planning for pregnancy must undergo screening for    Thalassemia. It belongs to a group of blood disorders that are among the most common inherited diseases. Screening should be done because that is the simplest way to avoid passing it on to your offspring. Thalassemia in the mother can lead to termination of pregnancy, anaemic disorders in the baby, and passing on the trait to the baby. Worldwide 3 to 5 lac children are born with a severe haemoglobin disorder annually. 

Why should the couple undergo this test when there is nothing wrong with them? Yes, everyone would think the same thing. However, you could be a carrier. While you yourself will not have the disease, you may be a carrier of the genes for Thalassemia. If both the parents are carriers, the baby has a high probability of being thalassemia. A simple way to avoid such an eventuality is a simple blood test prior to conception. Which means NOW! What happens if you are a known Thalassemic? There are ways and means to ensure you can have a safe pregnancy and your baby will be thalassemia-free. Undoubtedly pregnancy in Thalassemic women is high risk but favorable outcomes can be achieved & Hereditary transmission can be avoided. Continuous assessment and competent management by an expert team must commence from the preconception stage and continue through till delivery.

To summarize, armed with the results of your health check and the availability of state-of-the-art technology, expert institutions like ours can help deal with any problem that may show up. We advise both the partners to get themselves screened and at Yash IVF we offer free counseling to enable you to undergo the check-up and get it interpreted by an expert.

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