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The best treatment of IVF is most sought after, as it is a result of excellence, understanding of the gravity & of the medical problems of women has evolved. One such canter is Pearl women’s hospital & Yash IVF, Pune, which has dedicated every inch of the hospital to the well-being of the women care. No wonder, Pearl women’s Hospital & Yash IVF is scaling new heights with patient success stories which are challenging and every win over such issues is celebrated with our patient testimonials, which will be updated soon.

While handling the challenging cases of all Gynaecological problems as well as pregnancies along with IVF, we have conquered many milestones. The silence over the women’s issue is a matter of great worry. This blog is an attempt to create awareness about some medical emergencies, and one is Ectopic Pregnancy.

When it comes to emergencies, there is no time to wait, search or run. Many Obstetric emergencies present with similar symptoms, as we have discussed in our earlier blog. The important thing is to be alert and seek appropriate medical advice quickly, get investigated, and treated with minimum loss of time. One such topic is Ectopic pregnancies.

We will focus on the Ectopic pregnancies and probable treatments. This is for the information purpose only and doesn’t act as a substitute for medical advice.

Ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency, so when it is detected, treatment needs to be accurate, prompt & concise.

There are many changes in the blood, which are called biomarkers. One such is the availability of sensitive hormone testing and ultrasound examinations. Blood level measurements of hormones can confirm the diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy without the need for laparoscopy. Ectopic pregnancy, in most cases, can’t be seen with ultrasound, and the diagnosis is considered when the pregnancy is not seen in the uterus when specific levels of hCG are detected.

Laparoscopy is often advisable to confirm the diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy. Sometimes, laparoscopy is diagnostic as well as clinical importance for an ectopic pregnancy. Laparoscopy is OPD based surgical procedure. A small telescope called a laparoscope is placed into the abdominal cavity through a small cut in the navel. If necessary, the doctor usually can remove the ectopic pregnancy by placing special instruments through the laparoscope or small incisions above the pubic area.

Laparoscopy is skilled surgery covered under insurance, small cuts ensure less bleeding, reduce hospitalisation stay, and faster recovery.


  1. Women who already have damaged or blocked tubes are more likely to develop an ectopic pregnancy. 50% of ectopic pregnancies are associated with some degree of tubal disease. Fallopian tube damage is due to prior pelvic infections, such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, or other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  2. Tubal disease also may occur as a result of endometriosis, appendicitis, or previous pelvic surgery.
  3. The pregnancies of women who conceive with an IUD in place sometimes occur in the fallopian tube.
  4. Women who conceive after having a tubal ligation for sterilization, reversal of tubal ligation,
  5. Sometimes, unexplained reasons behind an ectopic pregnancy become worrisome.

However, it is known that, if a woman has a history of ectopic pregnancy, there is an increased probability of having the same in future, so the situation calls for careful monitoring.


The skill of a laparoscopic doctor is of utmost importance for surgical removal of such cells require high precision.

Ectopic pregnancies are in fact can be detected early with biomarkers, even without symptoms. This allows some ectopic pregnancies to be treated safely without the need for surgery. Ectopic pregnancies usually were treated by total salpingectomy (removal of the entire tube via laparoscopy). The underlying condition may have equally affected the other fallopian tube as well and that may also be blocked or similarly damaged. If the doctor feels removal is better than risking another ectopic pregnancy, he/she will advise bilateral salpingectomy (removal of both the fallopian tubes).

Dr Chaitanya Ganapule is an expert in Laparoscopic as well as open surgical interventions. Laparoscopic excellence is his forte and he is considered the top Gynaecologist in Pune for this procedure.

He has a diploma in Gynec Endoscopy from France, a diploma in Pelvic Endoscopy from Germany, and has recently attended & completed the “Indian Workshop of the Franco-European Multidisciplinary Endometriosis Institut in France, in 2022.

Dr Chaitanya Ganapule, a leading fertility specialist, and his team conducts & attains the training as well as online workshops, which helps many primary center clinics to understand & offer guidance, skill, and experience.

A teacher by heart & Best infertility specialist has many dreams which are getting realised, one such is to offer the best, transparent treatments at an affordable cost.

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