When your pelvic floor muscles and ligaments stretch and weaken and are no longer strong enough to support the uterus, it slips down and protrudes out of the vagina. It can occur at any age but is most commonly seen in postmenopausal women having had two or more vaginal deliveries.

While mild uterine prolapse usually doesn’t require treatment, if the condition causes discomfort or disrupts your normal life, treatment will help you.

The severity of your uterine prolapse will determine what treatment our Gynecologist may recommend. This may vary from Self-care measures to Pessary usage to Surgery.

We specialize in minimally invasive (laparoscopic) and vaginal Surgery for uterine prolapse repair.

Surgical options depending upon your condition:

  • Repair of weakened pelvic floor tissues.
  • Removal of your uterus (hysterectomy).

Our Gynecologist will counsel you in-depth about all your treatment options, focussing on uterus preserving options.  The risks and benefits of each option will be explained to you so that you can take an effective decision best suited to your lifestyle and economic condition.

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