When BMI Weighs Down Chances of Pregnancy

June 6, 2022 by admin

The best and most reputed IVF Center, Pearl Women’s Hospital & Yash IVF has a game-changing approach to Obesity when it’s an impediment to fertility.

Among the various factors due to which the conception and pregnancies are delayed, obesity &the lack of right information about its impact turned out to be important ones. Obesity in either parent is a concern. Educating about it is the easy

Obesity & Lack of right information about it can be addressed but it is not all that simple to manage and requires a professional & focused approach, which the team at Pearl Women’s Hospital & Yash IVF has mastered.

Let’s find out, the impact of obesity on fertility. The journey of Pregnancy is never the same for all, for some, it is full of twists & turns. Some get it easy while some struggle a lot for months together. Body weight definitely has a say in conception.

  1. Let us find out which is the ideal body weight? Or going a step forward, let’s look at your Body Mass Index, a more accurate measure of the impact of your Body Mass on your chances of pregnancy.

To calculate your body mass index (BMI), there are many tables available online (search term: BMI table). Enter your height and weight into the tool to see your BMI.

A BMI between19 to 24 is considered normal; less than 19 is considered underweight. A BMI between 25 and 29 is considered overweight and greater than 30 is obese.

There is a negative impact of being underweight or overweight, on fertility, whether you are female or male.

  1. Let us understand the impact of weight on the fertility of women.

The problem of Ovulation is most widely seen as per our experience with patients categorized as either underweight, overweight or obese women.

In the case of underweight women (BMI 18.5 or less), there is a problem of irregular menses,

A BMI of 17.5 or less could also be due to an eating disorder.  The underweight women need to look beyond weight & should correct the underlying causes on priority in consultation with a gynaecologist.

  1. In obese women (BMI > 30), often irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation problems could exist together. Even when obese women may have normal periods, still the fertility issue remains. Ovulation problem is a major issue but not the only one for fertility in the case of obese women.

A visit to a gynaecologist to rule out thyroid disease, insulin resistance, and diabetes will be of great help during the journey of parenthood due to obesity, as they have. These issues can be the reasons behind the struggle with fertility.

How does obesity affect the chances of getting pregnant with treatment as well as the health of the baby?

It is a known fact derived from the latest studies & findings that obesity could lower the success rates of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

In the case of obese females, Studies have shown,

Lower pregnancy rates, higher miscarriage rates.

Increased risk for gestational diabetes and high blood pressure (Pre-eclampsia).

Obese women also  could have a higher chance of  C- section. Children of obese mothers are at increased risk of some birth defects.

Are there fertility problems in men with obesity as compared to normal BMI?

Obesity in men may be associated with,

Testosterone & other hormones, and imbalance are important for reproduction.

Low sperm counts and low sperm motility (forward movement).

Knowing the ill effects of obesity, what to do next?

Should you try to lower your BMI, when planning for pregnancy?

We at pearl women’s Hospital & Yash IVF have excellence in treating such cases and managing the progression of fertility over obesity concerns. Pearl Women’s hospital and Yash IVF have a holistic approach that offers umbrella services of Dieticians, Physiotherapy, stress management therapists and lifestyle coach for offline as well as online consultation.

You should first consult a gynaecologist. The doctor will consider He or she will consider all risk factors like age, weight, lifestyle, family history, current medications, and any other infertility factors, before making a recommendation about whether you should try to lose weight as the first step.

Since losing excess unhealthy fat is more important than weight reduction, that’s why it calls for the expert multidisciplinary approach.

Pearl Women’s hospital and Yash IVF is the center of excellence for women’s health issues & is located centrally at Deccan, Pune. The vision of Dr Chaitanya Ganapule & his team has created a roadmap of affordable treatments which are transparent and clear. We are dedicated to winning the patient’s trust every time without compromising the guiding principles.

Obesity is a global issue affecting the dreams of millions, healthy parents can create a healthy child.

Let us join us in the mission to know more about ways to get healthy pregnancy by fighting obesity.

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