Every patient has a specific set of demands, from the type of treatment she would prefer for her ailment to the manner of delivery and ultimately the cost. This is the reason we offer our patients customized care intended to meet their evolving and unique needs.

At the end of the day, every patient prefers to spend quality time with her consultant, be given detailed counseling, more than once if required, and finally a transparent deal for the treatment. We specialize in this and our clients vouch for this.

We address the issues of ladies all through the phases of life, from the teen to pregnancy, menopause, and even after that.

Our scope of gynecology services includes

Best gynaecology hospital in Pune

Unlike any hospital in Pune, we have our own in-house experts to offer these treatments, ensuring continuity for the patients. Some of the ailments while incurable, are manageable but require long-term attention. The same consultant managing you consistently is a big relief and makes a huge difference in the end result, especially if they also happen to be amongst the best in their field.

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